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English / British Historical-Fiction Summer Reads

by Debra Brown

Getting ready for summer reading? Don't forget your sunglasses! Or if you are Down-Under, just grab a blanket, light a fire and read along. I have invited my author friends to send me the titles of their British historical fiction so you can find many here in one place. You can read more about each book at the purchase point. Feel free to join us on Facebook to chat with the authors and talk about the books.

English / British Historical Fiction Books by Subgenre


Her Highness, the Traitor ~ Susan Higginbotham

Montfort The Early Years 1229 to 1243 ~ Katherine Ashe 
Montfort The Founder of Parliament: The Viceroy 1243-1253  
Montfort The Revoutionary 1253 to 1260
Montfort The Angel with the Sword 1260 to 1265
Amazon UK

The King's Concubine, a novel of Alice Perrers ~ Anne O'Brien
Queen Defiant, a novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine 
The Virgin Widow

The Crown ~ Nancy Bilyeau

Fair Weather ~ Barbara Gaskell Denvil
Amazon UK

Limbo Man ~ Blair Bancroft

The Queen's Lady ~ Barbara Kyle
The King's Daughter (Thornleigh)
The Queen's Captive (Thornleigh)
The Queen's Gamble (Thornleigh)
The Rival Queens (coming in early 2013)
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Amazon UK

I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince ~ Rosanne E. Lortz

Sumerford's Autumn ~ Barbara Gaskell Denvil
Amazon UK  
The Lady's Slipper ~ Deborah Swift                
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Peaceweaver ~ Judith Arnopp
The Forest Dwellers
The Song of Heledd
Confessions of the Queens

Twins ~ Katherine Pym

Historical Suspense

The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy ~ Regina Jeffers

Cozy Mystery

The Phantom of Pemberley ~ Regina Jeffers


May 1812 ~ M.M. Bennetts
Of Honest Fame
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Crime or Mystery

Devoured (Available for pre-order in the UK) ~ Denise Meredith

Satin Cinnabar ~ Barbara Gaskell Denvil

Deadly Engagement (Alec Halsey Crimance book 1) ~ Lucinda Brant
Deadly Affair (Alec Halsey Crimance book 2)

Of Carrion Feathers (release date June 1st, 2012) ~ Katherine Pym

Death by Marriage (Released in June 2012) ~ Blair Bancroft


Sweet (Clean) Romance

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire ~ Debra Brown

Love Me Always ~ Marie Higgins
Charmed By Knight
True Love's Deception
Belong To Me
Love Comes Blindly (available in mid-June)
The Sweetest Kiss
The Sweetest Touch
Take My Heart (Colonial America, English characters)
Falling In Love Again (Colonial America, English characters)

The Shattered Mirror ~ David W. Wilkin

Rhianna (to be Released on July 16th) ~ Amanda L. V. Shalaby

The Reckless Barrister ~ April Kihlstrom
The Wily Wastrel
The Sentimental Soldier
The Ambitious Baronet
The Widower's Folly
Soldier's Bride

To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn ~ Sandra Byrd
The Secret Keeper: A Novel of Kateryn Parr

Of Moths and Butterflies ~ V.R. Christensen
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Heyerwood: A Novel ~ Lauren Gilbert
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Walk to Paradise Garden ~ John Campbell
Amazon US
Amazon UK 

Darcy's Passions ~ Regina Jeffers
Darcy's Temptation

Romantic Satire

Merits and Mercenaries ~ A Lady a.k.a. Lady A~

Romance (Moderate)

Rules of Conduct ~ Maggi Andersen
Amazon UK 

The Queen's Pawn ~ Christy English
Amazon US

Amazon UK

Gisborne: Book of Pawns ~ Prue Batten

The Highest Stakes ~ Emery Lee 

Noble Satyr (Roxton series book 1) ~ Lucinda Brant
Midnight Marriage (Roxton series book 2)
Autumn Duchess (Roxton series book 3) 
Salt Bride
Amazon UK

Viola, a Woeful Tale of Marriage ~ Katherine Pym 

Captain Wentworth's Persuasion ~ Regina Jeffers

At the Mercy of the Queen ~ Anne Barnhill
Amazon US
Amazon UK

By the Sword ~ Alison Stuart
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Coming Home ~ Vonnie Hughes
Amazon UK 

Lady Silence ~ Blair Bancroft
A Gamble on Love
A Season for Love
The Temporary Earl
The Harem Bride
The Courtesan’s Letters

Mistletoe Moment
The Captive Heiress

World War II English Village Life

Gang Territory ~ Peter St John 
Gang Warfare
Gang Rivalry
Gang Loyalty
Gang Petition
Gang Spies


Undreamed Shores ~ Mark Patton
Amazon UK

Time Travel

Dreamspell ~ Tamara Leigh
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Gothic Romance

The Montmoors 1: The Governess and the Master ~ Lisa Greer
The Montmoors 2: The Bastard Returns (Releasing June 25th)

Amazon US
Amazon UK


Airborne - The Hanover Restoration ~ Blair Bancroft

Inspirational Romance

Christmas at Pemberley ~ Regina Jeffers

Paranormal Romance

Vampire Darcy's Desire ~ Regina Jeffers


At Home in the Land of Oz: Autism, My Sister and Me ~ Anne Barnhill
Amazon US
Amazon UK


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