Advertising on this blog is available to history, historical fiction, and period novel authors, writers, publishers, and filmmakers. We are a much viewed site, having had over 30,000 pageviews in the last 30 days (July 2023.) Each page that is visited will show the banner and book cover ads.

Banner ad space is available near the top of the blog. The banner must be created by the author or his/her agent and fit into a history or historical fiction niche. Dimensions must be 900 x 180 pixels, using a background we provide.

Banner ad space is $30 per week or $100 per month. 

A linked book cover ad space is available on the sidebar just below the "Search" and "About EHFA" spots. Positioning is first come, first served, one above another. 

Book cover ads (or others that fill that space) are available for $25 per week or $80 per month. 

We do not post book covers or ads with a "sex sells" or sexualized theme or pictures. Other topics may be declined. All banners and ads must be preapproved.

Please ask questions, approve and schedule ads with Debra at