Tuesday, January 4, 2022

History for a New Year

 by Debra Brown

2022 Greetings!

The EHFA Blog will be bringing you occasional new posts once again. We are just organizing, and we appreciate our readers so much. Despite being inactive for a full year, we've had 554,000 views during that time. Thank you for continuing to visit!

You can join us and discuss the posts and British history at our English Historical Fiction Authors Facebook Group. We'd love to hear from you.

The following posts had the most visits in 2021 (the two with my name were written by Heather Hiestand and Paul Walker, but posted by me.) Congrats to the authors:

A History of the Cuckold's Horns
Posted by Deborah Swift
The 'Natural Beauty' Ideal of the Regency
Posted by Maria Grace
The French King's Bastard, Harry Valois
Posted by Linda Fetterly Root
The Horrors of War: The Black Prince and the "Massacre" at Limoges
Posted by History Museum Through the Ages
Tudor England's Most Infamous Villain: Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich of Leez
Posted by Beth von Staats
An Enduring Tudor Mystery: What Happened to Lady Mary Seymour?
Posted by Sandra Byrd
Baking in Victorian England
Posted by Debra Brown
Anglo-Saxon Monsters and Creatures
Posted by Richard Denning
The History of Armour 1100-1700
Posted by Debra Brown
The Strange Death of Richard the Lionheart
Posted by Nancy Bilyeau

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