Thursday, April 30, 2015

3000 Years of Royal Crowns

I don't generally like to send you away from this blog. However, unless you can enlarge the page to see these wonderful crowns well and read the information below each, please follow the link below to see them full size on Mads Phikamphon's site. They are too good to miss! Following is Mads' introduction to the page.

When we think of kings and queens, we most often think of them wearing a crown or some other form of royal headgear.

Almost no matter where you are from, a crown is considered the symbol of royalty and the authority the comes with royalty.

Hundreds of cultures from around the world have all adopted the crown as the symbol of leadership, which is quite interesting since many of the cultures have had very little contact with each other.

To show how the royal crowns are used all over the world and how they have developed from the ancient Egyptians to the modern world, Axentric.Com has created this big list of the 100 most important crowns in more than 3000 years! let's you view and compare jewellery from shops in all of Europe, so it becomes easier to find the jewellery you like the most.


  1. Ooh, pretty! Wouldn't want to wear most of those, though, they would be heavy and uncomfortable.


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