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Cigarettes - The 1896 Cure for Asthma?

Cigares de Joy
(Joy's Cigarettes)
Immediately Relieve
Asthma, Wheezing,
Chronic Bronchitis.
Of All Chemists and Stores. Box of 35, 2s. 6d., and
post free from WILCOX & CO., 83, Mortimer Street,
Great Portland Street, W., London.

I thought you might enjoy this advertisement courtesy of the Daily Graphic, Friday, December 11, 1896. The title of the paper is adorned with wee flying naked babies in a gossip chain carrying messages from one whispering woman, classicly clad with the gown quite fallen off one shoulder to another woman who seems to be writing down on a scroll what she hears. Which could be false advertising? Unintentionally, I am sure, by Wilcox and Co.

There is another lovely picture of a classic woman sitting on a wall, one foot up on the wall, but her gown hangs down draping over her beautifully (though her entire leg is well outlined by the fabric) and one bare foot on the ground- the women are all barefoot- under the heading "The Weather". Under her picture is the weather report: "Some rain."  The reader is then sent to page 3 for additional information which includes the forecast for diverse areas of the British Isles and the times of high water under London Bridge.

I am touched by a column on page 2 of the paper with the heading CHARITIESIt shows a bit about how charities functioned in Victorian times, advertising in the paper for help, and interesting to me, an American, how they appealed based on royal patronage. The following is not meant to be humorous, but is presented for its historical value and interest.

HOSPITAL, W.--Funds urgently needed.
Patients can remain "Until relieved 
by art or released by death."
F. CLARE MELHADO, Secretary Superintendent

GUY'S HOSPITAL,                  
                              LONDON BRIDGE, S.E.
H.R.H. the PRINCE OF WALES, as President,
and the GOVERNORS earnestly APPEAL for
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS to make good the 
deficiency in income pending the completion of the
Re-endowment Fund 500,000 pounds, of which about
170,000 pounds has been received. It is also desired to
re-open the 100 closed beds towards meeting the serious
lack of Hospital accommodation in South London. 
H. COSMO BONSOR, Treasurer.

18, Buckingham Street, Strand, WO.
 Formed for the "Supervision and the Assistance of
the Invalid and Crippled Children of the London 
Poor."  About 3,980 children in all have been referred
for help to the Committee. In addition to organising
the visiting of children in their own homes, large sums
have been expended in meeting the payment at 
Nursing and other Homes and Convalescent Hospitals,
and in providing surgical appliances; 
and the spinal carriages, &c. lent by the Association;
and the Committee are in urgent need of funds to 
enable them to meet the many claims made upon
their resources. 
 T. HOLMES,  Chairman of Committee   
And now, being pleased with what homeopathy has done for my family, I present an interesting advertisement, 1896 style.

THROAT and COUGH,--Soreness
and dryness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough
and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use 
the glands at the moment they are excited by 
the act of sucking, the glycerine in these agree-
able confections becomes actively healing. Sold only
in tins,7½ d. and 1s.1½ d., labeled
"James Epps and Co., Limited, Homeopathic
Chemists, London."
 And now, it seems the Daily Graphic ran into a glitch with an imposter employee. I find it interesting how the matter was to be handled.

the "DAILY GRAPHIC" find it necessary to
WARN the PUBLIC against the proceedings of a
person who under the pretext of procuring the
publication in the "Daily Graphic" of notices of new
inventions, reports of social gatherings, or appeals
for charitable institutions, asks for a sum of money
to cover the cost of printing proof-slips of a proposed
article. Any person who is asked for money in these
circumstances should endeavor to detain the 
applicant until the police have been communicated with.

Can you see that? You just grab the guy by the wrist and hold on for your life till someone runs for their horse to get the police. Cheerio.

I received this amazing Victorian newspaper as well as some Regency era papers from Historic Newspapers.

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  1. My grandmother was advised by a doctor, some time around the end of WW1, to take up smoking in order to alleviate a cough (possibly bronchitis). Luckily she was pretty tough and still managed to survive to the age of 75.

  2. I love reading the old historical newspapers so much that was common place then is absolutely fascinating right now.

    Thanks! Congrats on the publication release of the posts into print!!!!


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