Sunday, February 12, 2012

Horrible Histories - songs

Here in the UK there is a fabulous children's TV program (and books by Terry Deary) called "Horrible Histories". It's how you wish your history lessons were when you were at school - with all the gory, yukky bits and lots of humour.

The program by the BBC has as many adult fans as children, and includes some fabulous songs which teach history. Here are a few of my favourite: Enjoy!

The Tudors (don't mess with them!):

English Civil War (explained in the style of West Side Story):

Charles II brings back the English Monarchy and loves a party (in the style of Eminem):

The 4 King Georges (in the style of a Boy-band):

Richard III sets the record straight against all that Tudor propaganda in this lovely ballad:

Finally, want to learn 1000 years of Kings and Queens of England since William the Conquer:

There are plenty others available to view, and the first two series are available on Amazon as a DVD.

Which was your favourite?


Jenna Dawlish is the author of the Victorian novels: Love Engineered and Sprig of Thyme.


  1. Horrible Histories is fabulous and was a MUST in my history classroom! I incorporated the BBC series, the books and the magazines into my lessons and the girls LOVED it!
    I have collected all Terry Deary's books and magazines,(and let us not forget the truly wonderful illustrations by Aussie expat Martin Brown) and of course the BBC series.
    Being a Georgian at heart, the Four Georges Boy Band is my fav, but all the HH songs are priceless.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Horrible Histories! My girls have the first two series' on DVD and watched them on a long car journey on Saturday, and although hubby and I were in the front so couldn't see them, we laughed the whole time at the songs and sketches.

  3. I think they're all brilliant, but my favourite has to be Richard III - partly because it challenges all the old stereotypes and partly because it makes me laugh so much no matter how many times I watch it.

  4. OMG! They were hysterical! Richard III was a riot. The last one is still ringing in my ears. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

  5. Glad you are all enjoying them. I do love the Richard III one too. There are lots of others (I didn't want to post too many at once) that are very funny too - Blackbeard (in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan), George IV - goes solo, Victorian Inventions (music hall style), Cleopatra (Lady Gaga style), Aztec Priests (Beegees), Henry VIII and his wives, Viking Song - Literally, and a fabulous Dick Turpin done in the style of Adam Ant. Plus many, many more!

  6. I kept hearing about the Horrible Histories program and was curious. Those songs were hysterical and I enjoyed each one. I have to go with the few above me though and say Richard III as my fav.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for bringing these to the blog, Jenna. I keep hearing about them, but never had time to watch until they were here. :)

  8. If anyone knows the filming location of the Richard III I'd be interested to know. A gorgeous castle!

  9. My family is addicted to Horrible Histories! We currently live in the US, but my parents record all the episodes for us to watch each summer when we come to visit. Charles II is our favourite (I have it as my UK cell phone ring!), followed by Boudicca's song; the Dick Turpin video is a hoot if you were an Ant fan!


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