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Do you write historical fiction? Do you write historical nonfiction? Do you blog about history?
If you'd like to write for us, we'd love to hear from you!

You may have written a novel, but you'll have done plenty of research. Care to share some of the history behind your novel? Perhaps you research history and blog about it. Perhaps you'd like to write a post for us? Maybe you write nonfiction and have an episode of history that you'd really like to share with us? It's a great way for you to reach new readers.

All we need is 800-2000 words about British/Irish history. It can be about any period up to around fifty years ago, and all we ask is that you write about the actual history, not your characters, or the process of writing.

We'll put your nominated book up as our Book of the Day when your article goes live, with a 'buy' link behind it to take readers straight to a place where they can buy your book.

We'll share on social media, and we hope that you will too.

All we ask is that all accompanying images are copyright-free and/or in the public domain, and that you send us your article 7 days before the agreed publication date. This gives us plenty of time to format it to the blog, and get back to you in case of query.

If you don't like a deadline - and many authors don't! - simply send us your article when you're ready, and we'll publish it at the next available opportunity after all proofs and checks have been done.

We have a full set of guidelines available on request. Simply email us on ehfablog@yahoo.com and we can send them out to you.

We have had 6.5 million visitors to our blog. They could be reading your article!!

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