Monday, May 18, 2015

O Deathe Rock Me Asleepe

by Hunter S. Jones

O Death, O Death, rock me asleepe,
Bring me to quiet rest;
Let pass my weary guiltless ghost
Out of my careful breast.
Toll on, thou passing bell;
Ring out my doleful knell;
Thy sound my death abroad will tell,
For I must die,
There is no remedy.
My pains, my pains, who can express?
Alas, they are so strong!
My dolours will not suffer strength
My life for to prolong.
Toll on, thou passing bell;
Ring out my doleful knell;
Thy sound my death abroad will tell,
For I must die,
There is no remedy.

Alone, alone in prison strong
I wail my destiny:
Woe worth this cruel hap that I
Must taste this misery!
Toll on, thou passing bell;
Ring out my doleful knell;
Thy sound my death abroad will tell,
For I must die,
There is no remedy.

Farewell, farewell, my pleasures past!
Welcome, my present pain!
I feel my torment so increase
That life cannot remain. 
Cease now, thou passing bell,
Ring out my doleful knoll,
For thou my death dost tell:
Lord, pity thou my soul!
Death doth draw nigh,
Sound dolefully:
For now I die,
I die, I die.
Poem attributed to Anne Boleyn, said to be written on the eve of her execution, 19 May 1536.

There are various citations for this poem. The following video features contemporary musician Martin Pope who discusses the possible originations of this poem with late historian Eric Ives.

Music was added to the poem by Anne Boleyn’s chaplain, Robert Jordan. That gives it a great deal of provenance. Was the poem written by Anne, that dark night before her execution, or was it penned by a poet or troubadour, longing for the beautiful, doomed queen? We may never know. Today let us remember the passing of someone long ago who still enchants, much as she enthralled a king who changed an entire realm for her love. Yet for Henry, and for all of history, Anne Boleyn will forever be unattainable. We will never know her secrets. Her charm and mystique are the enigma which captivates us 479 years after her death. That is the power of her legacy.

The Anne Boleyn Files
On The Tudor Trail


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